7 Different types of backlinks

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest posting (also known as guest blogging) is the process of writing blogs for other websites to be published. It's a method of getting backlinks from blogs to your own website in exchange for an article. Links can be mentioned in different places in the post

Editorial Backlinks.

An editorial backlink is an organic inbound link that's used naturally in an authority website's content. When webmasters create content, they often link to other websites. If a webmaster wants to mention a statistic, for example, he or she may link to the website where it was originally published

Relationship-based Backlinks.

These are normally created when you successfully build a strong relationship with the webmasters or journalists. When they prefer referring you while writing the content and links to some valuable source, then that's known as relationship-based link building

Acknowledgment Backlinks.

This type of backlink is mostly published when your brand sponsors an industry event, has representative speaking, and many more. ... These SEO tools will help you identify the websites where your competitors get backlinks

Badge Backlinks.

A branded badge is an award that a brand creates and gives out to other sites as a status symbol. For example, you could create a list of the top sites or best brands that are published on your site, and then give badges to each brand on the list so that they can show the status on their site.

Comment Backlinks.

This subtle, unassuming feature has opened a can of worms in the link building industry – many marketers have taken advantage of comment sections to leave as many comments (with links pointing to their websites) on as many websites as possible.

Press Release Backlinks.

It essentially uses backlinks as a proxy for authority, as more popular and authoritative sites will naturally have more sites linking into them. Just think of the millions of links going into Wikipedia or BBC, compared to some less authoritative sites that I won't name.