Through marketing on social media your company has identity, success and guaranteed leads.

Without a doubt, at the moment, social media is one of the main brand engagement actions.

The updates made to them lead to targeted searches which generate more and more traffic to search engines, mainly on Google and more than 70% of adults who use the internet also use a social network.

If your company hasn't entered this “world” with strategies and actions in social media because you think it's a trend, or it's silly, that it's a waste of time, here are 8 reasons you need to readjust your thinking.

1. Social media reaches more people

What other marketing medium could reach hundreds of people in a few hours, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people each month?

No other resource has the potential to reach so many people with the ability to reach the exact audience that fits your business. In addition, consistent activity on major social sites which can reach far more people than marketing letters or email, print ads, flyers or even commercials today.

2. Social Media is more accessible and much more effective

When print media, newspapers and magazines were the most effective means of advertising to reach people in a given area, it was quite expensive and remains so.

Social Media Advertising is a drop in the bucket compared to traditional markets. A well done Facebook ad, segment, planned by an expert, brings great return with potential customers for your company.

Spending monthly for the amount of people you can reach and increasing the traffic generated to a website is very profitable and achievable for most small to large business budgets.

3. Social media generate increased website traffic and thus greater visibility

Of course, advertising is designed to make sales. The expected result of any advertising campaign is increased sales. However, what most businesses don't understand is that advertising is a vehicle to get people to realize that your business is wanted, estimable and get them into your store or on your website. And there you will close the deal and make the sale.

Facebook ads and daily marketing updates generate engagement and will ultimately drive people to your business.

When social networks are done well, they send more people to websites than search engines.

Anyone who has paid a company to improve their SEO (search engine optimization) knows that more traffic and more hits on the site improve search rankings. So, more daily updates and a daily advertising campaign means more people will see your business online, which means more people will be interested in what you do, this is equivalent to people clicking on your site. , which generates better search rankings on both Facebook and Google, and equates to better online visibility and greater potential to make sales.

4. Social Media creates a better customer experience

Customers expect your business to be using social media and demand your attention when they need it and want it. It is imperative that you be active in the media and available to answer questions, respond to comments and thank them for their comments.

All of this is important, I would say strategic and the foundation of your business today.

66% of consumers worldwide have stopped doing business with a company due to customer service issues, which were mistreated via social media and 78% of people who complain about a brand via Twitter expect an answer within an hour at most. You need to be there.

5. Customers want, and need, your business must be on total on Social Media

71% of consumers have a better perception of brands when they see positive comments about it on Digital, even more so on social media. 93% of consumers are researching social media before making a purchase decision.

The numbers speak for themselves, customers want your business to be on, consumers want to see if your business is consistent and active with social media.

6. Social Media is where your customers are:

Nearly 3/4 of adults online use social media;

People are using social media to watch TV, connect with friends and family, search and shop shopping.

74% of consumers trust social media for more information or comments about the products/services they want to buy.

50% of consumers made a purchase based on a recommendation made on Social Media

7. Prospecting and Effective Leads for B2B Customers

In the past, prospecting was done through calls or visits from sellers. With the ease of social media, marketing automation actions generate qualified leads for the sales team. Saving costs and time.

8. Take advantage of closed and targeted Facebook groups

There are some groups of entrepreneurs that have over 300 thousand participants, an example is the Alice Club, a post in this group is equivalent to an insertion in a mass media such as TV and radio. Best of all at no cost.