There is a lot of talk about the need to have a good online presence. But do you really know what that means?

Well, before talking about online presence, it is essential to understand what the word presence means. You see, in the various types I've consulted, the meaning always revolves around the proposal: presence is being somewhere.

And in a deeper meaning, it is to exist somewhere. Like when you're with someone you like a lot and time seems to stand still. In other words, it is to be fully present in body, soul and heart.

Going back to our goal here, then we can understand that Online Presence is being on the internet. But not only that: it's actually being where your customer is.

That's why there is no magic formula or spell that lifts you up in 7 days. What exists is an analysis of your market to understand who your customer is, where he is and how best to impact him.

The Key To A Successful Online Presence

If there is a mantra that the entrepreneur needs to mentalize every day, I would say that mantra is “know your customer”. And this is simpler than it sounds. After all, done is better than perfect. That's why I always say you need a plan, but you don't have to wait for the perfect plan.

You start with an idea, an avatar or persona hypothesis. And as you get in touch with this audience, you learn more about it. You get a better understanding of his real needs, who he is, you can even name his persona. And you connect more and more with him.

So the key here is: be curious about your customer. Ever. Because having a successful online presence doesn't mean being everywhere and appearing in all media. It means being where your customer is. And I say more: truly be present where your customer is.

The 5 Pillars Of A Result Online Presence

1) Positioning and identity

Who are you? Who is your business? This needs to be clear. At least clear enough for your potential customer to recognize that you can help them. See, this doesn't just go online. It goes everywhere you have a presence.

2) Strategy

Where are you and where do you want to go? And what will you do to make that happen? That's the basis of everything. Strategy is, simply, the path taken to reach an objective. So it's clear that you need to know where you want to go. After all, to win a war you must first want to win that war. Because if it doesn't make sense to you, you won't fight it.

3) Content

What do you want your customer to know about you and your business? This should be reflected in your content. And this is where the callus tightens. Many businesses prefer to pay someone to generate content for them. And everything is fine! The problem is to do this without having a clear positioning and a defined strategy. Do you know those “more of the same” content you find on the internet? Do those who create no difference? You won't want this for your business.

4) Traffic

Where is your customer and where do you want to take them? How will you do this? In the physical or digital world: you need to be where your customer is, get their attention, create interest and generate desire. For this, the traffic generation strategy, both paid and organic (non-paid) is involved.

5) Follow up

What metrics will you track to see if your strategy is working? Who doesn't measure doesn't manage. In addition to knowing where you want to go, you need to know what and how to measure. And most importantly: measure the return on investment made.

Have an Online Presence that Sells

In this article you discovered that to have a successful online presence, you first need to know your customer. Only then will you know where he is, what he is looking for and how to impact him.

It turns out that, in my experience, I know this is not always simple. The places to go are many, the contents to research on the subject even broader. Hence, it is almost impossible not to paralyze yourself asking “what is the best way for me to get results today?”.

So I already want to answer this: the best way is to always trust those who already do it. I have helped many small businesses and experts and I can certainly help you too.

Want to know how? Discover our services and find out how we can help you get more results using your online presence.