What is SEO

Before we know what, LOCAL SEO is, it is essential that we keep in mind SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is nothing more than the sum of factors that will help your site to have good organic positions on Google. Defining your business, making a brainstorm of possible keywords, it is essential that your site is optimized so that Google's algorithms pass through your site and are able to understand it clearly and objectively. See an article on SEO Beginners Guide, because in this post we will talk about LOCAL SEO, as you now have a brief understanding of what SEO is and what LOCAL SEO is for businesses.


Once we know what SEO is, LOCAL SEO becomes easy. It's nothing more than ranking your company's website on Google for a particular city or town that you want or believe to be viable. A LOCAL SEO strategy is directly linked to the service or product that offers X the place you want to reach.

The strategy has been used for years by companies of different segments and sizes to improve page ranking on search engines like Google and others, increasing site traffic and qualified sales, unlike PPC campaigns.

How to make a LOCAL SEO strategy

Example: You own a company that specializes in transporting flammable cargo. Since the segment is peculiar and closed, nothing better than tracing your persona and later the cities where there are possibly searches for your term. In this case we will use Google's Keyword Planner, which will help find the best terms.


The goal is simple! LOCAL SEO is advantageous and practical for users and businesses to connect seasonally or geographically speaking.