The importance of the home page

The home page must summarize your website, make Internet users want to continue browsing and must adapt to your business. It is therefore the first contact you have with Internet users. This is why the first impression you make is decisive in the user's choice to continue browsing your site or not.

How a home page should look like.

The logo can be in, it should not be too big or too small and it can be used to give the name of your company.

In green

It is the navigation menu. It allows the Internet user to discover at a glance the services and products that you offer them.

In orange

This is a visual illustration. It can be a photo, video, etc. It must be of good quality because the impact of a visual has a decisive and immediate effect on the Internet user.

In yellow

In 3 seconds, the visitor must understand what the site can bring him.  The text framed in yellow will allow the Internet user to directly understand your value proposition. This sentence must therefore be clear, precise, and simple.  Do not hesitate to insert your keywords for natural referencing.

In purple

The call-to-actions, purple, used to redirect to web pages of your website or to a contact form. They help convert your visitors into prospects.

In black

Then the content or the editorial appears in black. It allows you to integrate your keywords, to argue about who you are, your industry, etc. Remember to ventilate the text, this makes it easier to read, but also to write short and simple sentences and write SEO-oriented text.

We can also integrate what we call a top bar and which is located at the top of your home page. In particular, it can include links to your social accounts or your blog.

The importance of social networks for a business is well established. Whether it is to show the activity and the atmosphere of the company or to provide advice to Internet users.