What is voice search?

Voice search allows user on the internet to use voice command to search for anything on the internet, website or and app.

By using voice search, Internet users and mobile users can, among other things:

You can optimize your SEO for voice searches.

Want to optimize your site's SEO for voice searches?

Here are some tips to put into practice:

Why should you use voice search?

Searching with voice is 3.7 times faster than “typing” on a keyboard. And so, who says faster search also says faster answers. So, it's no surprise that more and more people are using their voices instead of a keyboard. Voice is the perfect medium for mobile searches. In fact, almost 60% of people who do mobile searches use voice search at least "once in a while.  " (Stone Temple). Voice search is much more convenient. This is probably the reason why more than half of the respondents said they use voice search to avoid having to type words (Stone Temple).

Typing "how tall is the tallest building in the world" on a phone, for example, is quite painful and time consuming. But saying the same sentence out loud is a snap.

To sum up: voice search is a legitimate trend and it's a trend that is already affecting SEO!