The benefits of voice commands for research

Here are the benefits of voice search for users today:

An example of how search or voice control makes everyday life easier: if while you are cooking you have to consult a recipe but your hands are full of flour, just do it by voice command. It is also a “hands-free” method which allows information to be obtained while driving. On the other hand, asking a question aloud is an easy exercise. Voice search becomes a valuable tool to simplify the search process and get answers quickly without interrupting your other daily tasks.

Smart speaker:

The voice search revolution was catalysed by the rise of smart speakers. Although similar technologies have been around for years, in 2017 smart speaker sales more than tripled thanks to the rise of Google Home and Amazon Echo. Smart speakers rely almost exclusively on voice commands, which allows users to solve questions and complete tasks using voice requests.

Why is voice search a important things for brands?

Increase the speed:

There is no other search platform that is as fast as voice and in only a few seconds you can say what you looking for and you will receive answers.

Increase productivity:

Talking is faster than typing. Rather than using a touchscreen or keyboard to get your query answered if you go to speaking, you'll save a lot of time. And when you save time, you increase your productivity.

Massive access:

One of the advantages of speech recognition systems is that they are accessible to everyone. For users who are blind or cannot use a screen for some reason, voice search is the best option. This is a large group of people who are at risk of escaping brands if they don't consider voice search.