Tips for a good home page.

Introduce yourself

It is essential to present yourself on your home page. Your visitors must know who you are, and how or the quality of your products are. They must understand your universe, your concept and what you are offering.

Think about your texts

The text of the homepage is essential.  Remember that the Internet user is in a hurry to find information. He therefore does not have time to read all your texts or at least he reads them diagonally. Go to the point, you can add more text and details in the dedicated pages.

Put pictures

A picture is better than a thousand words, it is well known. They are more eye-catching, and they convey your message and reflect the atmosphere of your business.  Obviously and it goes without saying, the quality of the photos must be impeccable. Your images must support your words and must therefore relate to your texts.

Talk about your news

It is important to show visitors that your site is up to date. Insert a zone dedicated to your news. Not only will you prove that your site is alive but in addition, it will influence your  natural referencing. The news can relate to your new products, your last blog articles but also to your publications on social networks.

Reassure your Internet users

Internet users don't necessarily know you when they find you on the Internet. By introducing yourself, you reassure them in part. Remember that Internet users trust their peers more than you.  So, add a zone to insert the opinions of your customers, this will further reassure your Internet users but will also convince them to call on you or to buy your products. On top of that, with a view to reassuring and convincing, you can add the strengths and advantages of your business.

Avoid a "Splash" page

A “Splash” page consists only of an image, an animation, a video or even a choice of a language or a country. After this page, there is a link redirecting the Internet user to the actual home page of the site. On the one hand, the “Splash” page delays the Internet user's navigation and on the other hand, it is not optimal for  natural referencing .