What are surveys?

Surveys are a way to use research for collecting data from a group of people to build information and insight into multiple topics of interest. Surveys can have multiple objectives and researchers can oversee it any way keeping in mind the approach and the goal thereof.

Data is more commonly received through a simple routine that ensures that all respondents are able to answer the questions from a non-biased approach. This involves asking people for information through a questionnaire which can either be online or offline.

What is an online survey?

This is a structured set of questions that people complete over the internet, more commonly by filling out a form. Data is then collected and later reviewed by an expert in the field. As a thank you to respondents’ businesses usually offer a gift card or reward points that the respondent is able to redeem later on, this transaction then creates a win-win situation.

Benefits of online surveys

  • Easy and quick analyze:

all responses are registered online and is straight forward not analyze the data.

  • Great branding exercise:

organization or business have to opportunity to create questionnaires relating to their brand.

  • Survey template:

there are survey templates that are ready for use, making it easier for a business to use in creating questionnaires.

Types of survey to use:

  • Marketing research survey: this type of survey can be used to research a specific target market by measuring brand awareness or communicating with a specific audience.
  • Lead generation survey: this survey allows you to collect contact information and preferences from your specific target audience.
  • Brad awareness survey: you can determine how well your customers know your brand.
  • Customer’s satisfaction survey: you can measure the satisfaction of your customer with your products or services.