All about the Instagram post

1. Post author

We find information about the author of the Instagram post: the profile photo and the name of the account. Similar to Twitter, you will have an account name and a username.

2. The legend

An Instagram caption can contain several elements:

3. Hashtags

It is common for hashtags to be "hidden" to make the caption more readable and aesthetic:

4. Visual of the publication

On Instagram, it is mandatory to add a visual to your post: photo, video, GIF, etc. You can also mention (or "tag") another account directly on the visual.

Why use Instagram posts?

Instagram has many ways of promoting your business and when you create an account and start to post content about your business, you can gain followers who are interested in the content that you post. If you stay active all the time and show followers that you know what you doing and show your authority towards them. Your followers will also feel comfortable with the way you post content and will start to share your content on their accounts and you can gain more followers and potential clients.